Amazon KitKat Offer : Get Rs 25 / Rs10 Gift Vouchers Code Inside The KitKat Pack (100% Cashback)

Amazon Kitkat Offer – Amazon promoting KitKat products and offering Free Gift Vouchers of Rs 25 / Rs 10 on every Kitkat pack . Now Buy kitkat Of Rs 10 or Rs 25 and get 100% cashback from Amazon . You will get one gift code inside the kitkat pack of Rs 10 or Rs 25 . You can use this code 3 times per user . In this article we will share all information about Amazon Kitkat offer , Amazon kitkat voucher code redemption process . Read full article to know more details about Amazon Kitkat Offer .

Amazon Kitkat Offer

Nastle and Amazon comes up with 100% cashback offer . Amazon offering 100% cashback on purchasing new Kitkat Pack of Rs 10 & Rs 25 And get 100% Cashback Of Rs 10 or Rs 25 . It means you will get free kitkat pack or free cash from amazon . You can use the vouchers code using mobile recharge or shopping from amazon.in .

How To Get Amazon Kitkat Offer

  • First of all visit your nearest retailer store
  • Purchase new Kitkat pack of Rs 10 or Rs 25 .
  • Make sure amazon offer is mentioned
  • Open the pack and find the code , Copy the code
  • Now visit Amazon Kitkat Code Redeem page
  • Login or signup to amazon.in
  • Now enter the code which you got from the kitkat pack
  • That’s it , your kitkat cashback will credited instantly to your amazon pay balance account .

NoteThis Offer Was Expired on December 2016 But Again They Running This Offer From 1 Sep 2017 to 15 Jan 2017 on Rs. 10 & Rs. 25 Pack. If your Previously availed Offer , Then Still you can Redeem Vouchers in previously Used account.

How do I redeem the unique code?

The procedure for adding the unique code to your Amazon account is as below :- If using the web browser: Amazon Kitkat Offer

    1. Visit www.amazon.in/addgiftcard
    2. At the log-in page, enter email id and password for your Amazon.in account. If you do not have an Amazon.in account, create an account;
    3. Click on ‘Login’;
    4. Enter the unique 17 digit alphanumeric code and click on ‘Add to your balance’.

Terms And Conditions

  • Any person who purchases a KIT KAT 2 Finger Mini MRP Rs.10/ or KIT KAT 4 Finger MRP Rs.25/ hereafter referred to as “Product” during period commencing from 1st September 2017 to 15th January 2018
  • The Consumer shall, in order to add and redeem the Code, visit www.amazon.in or its corresponding mobile application/site thereof ( “Amazon.in”) and navigate to www.amazon.in/addgiftcard and follow the procedure mentioned under these Offer Terms.
  • These Offer terms and conditions (“Offer Terms”) are in addition to the Amazon.in Conditions of Use and Sale to which you agree by using Amazon.in . To the extent the Amazon.in Conditions of Use and Sale are inconsistent with these Offer Terms; these Offer Terms will prevail with respect to the Offer only.

Frequently Asked questions

What is the unique code for?

Amazon Kitkat Offer – The Amazon Pay Balance (equivalent to Rs. 10 or Rs. 25, depending on the pack purchased) added to the Amazon.in account of the consumer upon redemption of the unique code can be used by the consumer to purchase eligible products on Amazon.in subject to the Amazon Gift Card Terms and Conditions (available at http://www.amazon.in/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201522810). In case the Consumer purchases a product that is greater in value of the redeemed Code, Consumer would have to pay for the differential amount through any of the payment means available on Amazon.in.Amazon Kitkat Offer

The website is not taking me to the link. What do I do?

  • This would be because you are not already logged in to Amazon. You can enter the user ID and password for your Amazon account and you will automatically be taken to the page. In case you don’t have an existing account, please create a new account and add the code to your account. For detailed instructions on how to create an Amazon account, please follow the link https://www.amazon.in/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200540950

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How many unique codes can I add to my account?

  • You can add up to 3 unique codes per account, of either Rs 10 or Rs 25 or a combination of both. You will not be able to add 3 codes of each denomination.

Till when can I add the unique codes to my account?

  • You can add the codes up to the 15th January 2018, post which the offer will stop.

Is there a date by which I need to use the Amazon Pay balance added to my account on redeeming the unique code?

  • The amount credited to your Amazon Pay balance upon redemption of the unique code can be utilized for making purchases on Amazon.in within one year of adding the unique code to your account.

I tried adding the unique code but it is not working. What do I do?

  • Check if you have already added this code to your account.
  • The unique code printed under the wrapper should not have been damaged while opening the KIT KAT
  • Ensure you are entering the unique 17 digit alphanumeric code printed inside the wrapper.
  • If you are adding the unique code after 15th January, 2018 or if you have already added three different unique codes to your account, then the code will not work
  • If none of these solve your issue, please reach out to Nestlé consumer services team at 1800 103 1947 (toll free). Keep the purchased pack handy to give our customer care team the relevant details that will speed up the response.

Can I redeem without an Amazon account?

  • No. In case you don’t have an Amazon account, you will need to create an account, the details of which are available at https://www.amazon.in/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200540950

The code isn’t clear, what do I do?

  • Please reach out to the Nestlé consumer services team at 1800 103 1947 (toll free) and inform them of the issue and share a picture of the pack.

Can I combine this with other Amazon vouchers/offers/discounts?

  • Yes, once you add the unique code to your account, you can use the amount added to your Amazon Pay balance for purchase of eligible products on Amazon, including products with other offers.
  • No, this offer is applicable only on the Amazon.in website and the Amazon India mobile app.

I lost/damaged my unique code

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide support in this case.
  • I bought 4 pieces of KIT KAT and since I can only redeem three, I want to return the fourth since it had the promo flash on the pack, but I did not know about the 3 limit.

I have purchased a KIT KAT 4 Finger (Rs. 25, 37.3g)/ KIT KAT 2 Finger Mini (Rs. 10, 12.8g). It does not have a code. Why?

  • There may be plain packs without the Amazon promotion also available in the market. If the pack purchased has a yellow Amazon promotion flash printed on the front of the pack, then it will have the unique code printed under the wrapper.

Where can I find these KIT KAT packs?

  • KIT KAT is available in most grocery stores across the country. If you are having trouble finding these promo-packs, you can get in touch with Nestlé consumer services at 1800 103 1947 (toll free) with your exact location and we will be able to guide you to a relevant store.

I have purchased many KIT KAT 4 Finger (Rs. 25, 37.3g)/ KIT KAT 2 Finger Mini (Rs. 20, 27.5g) packs. I’m not able to redeem the unique code on my Amazon account?

  • Please follow the procedure mentioned in Q3 (how to redeem) to redeem the code . You can redeem a maximum of 3 unique codes for an Amazon account.

Amazon Kitkat Offer

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